28 sec kerosene is the most common form of home heating oil in the UK.  It is produced from controlled distillation at refineries from raw crude oil products to ensure the product gives clean burn in both vaporising burner and pressure jet applications.  Clean combustion is essential to minimise smoke and soot formation.

Although 28 sec kerosene is the most common form of home heating oil it may be that your system has been set up to use 35 sec gasoil instead, the easiest way to check is the colour of the oil in your tank – 35 sec gasoil being red and 28 sec kerosene being yellow to clear in colour.

We have been supplying homes with heating oil since 1970 and have multiple delivery vehicles varying in size from our baby tanker to larger vehicles dependant on your delivery requirements.

It is illegal to use 28 sec kerosene in road vehicles except where specifically allowed by HM Revenue & Customs, there are heavy penalties for non-compliance and Pilkington Oils are also bound by HMRC to report 28 sec kerosene sales on a monthly basis in order to combat the fraudulent use of this product.  Please click here for more information.

Pilkington Oils minimum order for delivery of bulk 28 sec kerosene is 500 litres, we can also supply in 200 litre packaged drums for transport to the local area.  Any amount less than this we have a yard pump which is available should you wish to collect the product yourself – either fill your own containers or we have new 25 litre drums available for sale.

Please contact us by telephone or email should you wish to place an order or require more information on 28 sec kerosene from Pilkington Oils.

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